Nescafe Basement Season 3

Last week, we were super excited to be at the launch event of Nescafe Basement’s third Season. Who minds good music especially when the pop scene seems to be drying out in the country slowly and everyone seems to be turning to good ol’ bollywood. Nescafe for the last two years has focused on finding fresh new faces in the country and giving it a platform to show their musical talent. We will speak much more about this season itself in a following post, for now we have to say the tables totally turned when it came to Team SiddySays for this compilation.

Anoosh Zeerik

Normally we’re picking on Anoosh for not knowing enough about fashion, celebrities and more, this time, it was his turn to give us oldies a crash course in Nescafe Basement. The way he lit up at the thought of the third Season, we knew we had hit gold. Here is Anoosh’s Best of Nescafe Basement Season 1 & 2 for us. Why don’t you take this little crash course by our in house music buff before the Season kicks off on the 29th!!

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Images Credit: Anoosh Zeerik (Even his own :))

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner