Image by Lizzie's Insomnia Blog

I often don’t get it when my friends (or spouse) can sleep for hours to the end. I remember a time when I used to love my sleep so much, I could practically sleep at any point in the day. Now looking at my last post , I’m assuming you would have gathered that I am trying to control my sleep cycle. I do end up sleeping for about 5 hours at a stretch but I am wide awake after that usually… Except I feel tired and groggy so clearly I need more sleep!

Now, I followed everything to the dot. All six points one after the other and lo and behold not only was I in bed but also asleep at 10:30. Mission accomplished!! Well, I could have thought that at Sehri had I slept all the way through, except when I lay in the bed wide awake at 1am I thought, ‘I’ve cracked the going to sleep bit. Now I have to figure out how to stay asleep.’

Any ideas? Has this ever happened to you? #SleepSiddySleep

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner