Today’s edit is about that one item that can help uplift your room without much effort or money spent. We are talking about the cushion or pillow covers. Have you ever given these much thought? While I know a lot of you would have, I can confidently say that many more wouldn’t have. As fall approaches, we would like to turn our rooms warm and cosy and some fun cushion covers not only add warmth, they can help transform the look of your room too.

We had introduced you to ‘The Lounge’ by Nyla in an earlier post , this edit is dedicated to some seriously fun colourful cushions that are a ‘must have’ on our list.

Colourful Cushions

Products by ‘The Lounge’ can be ordered at 0304 4782882

Each cushion is priced: PKR 4200


One’s living environment is the reflection of one’s personality; hence flaunt it in the right manner – this is the vision of Nyla Amjad Asghar, a talented designer who started her career in interior and furniture design after graduating from NCA and now caters to a selected clientele in Pakistan and abroad.
Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner