Ethnic by Outfitters - Sadaf Zarrar

I don’t get to work a lot on the weekly content a lot these days, but I do save the weekends for one or two brands that are close to my heart and I feel good endorsing. Ethnic by Outfitters in one… While I confess I hadn’t ever bought the unstitched material before, I do frequent their ready to wear and now with the packages mall outlet, it’s all the more easier. Unfortunately the dilemma with tailored outfits is that they leave little room for customization. So, here I was back in front of the shelves trying to pick prints and surprisingly it was much easier than I anticipated given the plethora of choices on the racks.  It was tough to shortlist down to three unstitched suits but here they are…

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Sadaf Zarrar - Ethnic by OutfittersNot a huge fan of print on print on print, I instantly fell in love with this outfit. Silk dopattas are a task and half to manage, so this bold cotton printed dopatta was just made for me. Loved the modern accents in the print which allowed the floral

Simple embellishment around the neck allowed the print to stand out and the colours to do the magic, making it a simple yet fun day time outfit with little effort needed beyond the bright print.

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Written by Sadaf Zarrar
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