There are people who participate in the fashion week and then there are people who ARE the fashion week.

Hassan Shehryar Yasin , lovingly known as Shayroo to his friends and HSY to his admirers, is perhaps the only brand in Pakistan that has been a part of all 11 of the PFDC events to date. This is in addition to the FPL Fashion Weeks, Men’s fashions weeks and other Bridal weeks not associated with any particular council. Not only is he a designer showcasing at the event, he is usually the man in charge of the pit – The music, the choreography, the general pep talking and the organization… you name it  and he is there.

While we got half tired just listing down all he’ll be doing next week, this guy still had the time (and energy) to answer our questions too. Here is all you need to know about Divine Decadence.


What is your design philosophy?

I believe that couture is more than just bridals but is about freedom and constraints. It is about the independent woman of today who wants to look unapologetically glamorous and wants options – which is why this will also be the first couture collection in which you will have the option of buying separates as well – to mix and match and pair up to get completely different looks.

The key bridal trend this season?

The trend this season is featuring western stylized bridal wear and amalgamating it with our traditional bridal couture.

What is your inspiration for the bridal presentation this year?

The inspiration for the collection stems from my travels and is a reflection from my 20 years in the industry. As its name reflects, “Divine Decadence” is a manifestation of my vision regarding contradictions in our society. Hence, the collection endeavors to fuse two sources of inspiration, conflicts and challenges, within my own journey and my own vision of these contradictions particularly with respect to women and the way they are viewed in our society.

How is this collection different from your collections before?

This collection is based on a very unique concept and features 2 diverse themes with contrasting color schemes. This collection is vastly different from any of my previous collections.

What are you personally most excited about?

For me PLBW is a dual experience. Not only am I a participating designer but I also head the production of the complete bridal showcase. Not only do I get excited about the audience response to my show but the overall atmosphere at PLBW is always electric and is something I look forward to experiencing in person.

What should we expect to see in the show?

This collection will have both men’s wear and women’s wear pieces showcasing a wide spectrum of pieces including suits, jumpsuits, tunics and gowns. The Divine pieces are based in hand embroidered silks and jacquards embellished with silver crystals. The Decadence pieces will predominantly feature western stylized bridal wear including gowns and other separates.

What are you doing immediately after the Bridal Week?

I think I need a holiday after all the madness!


Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner