What is Preppy


  1. palatino;”>”the preppy look”

palatino;”>Key Learning: You don’t have to wear socks with every goddamn shoe on the planet.

palatino;”>Key Learning: The whole open button business is NOT for every day of your life no matter how much of a stud-muffin you think you are – It goes fabulously ONLY with the right look.


palatino;”>Key Learning: Keep the Jacket Buttoned when standing leaving the Bottom Button open.

palatino;”>Key Learning: Beige is the Black of Summer.

Coke Studio Press Conference , you’ll see that this guy lives Preppy. In case you’re thinking ummm this could be me, please take note of some essential preppy must haves we’ve compiled taking inspiration from Kami.

palatino;”>A Handkerchief Collection
palatino;”>A Great Linen Suit
palatino;”>A Universal Well Tailored Evening Jacket

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner