Sana Safinaz have reigned the Lawn Market and while the continue to enjoy an unparalleled status within this business (I’ve heard rumours about Sana Safinaz Chikankari coming soon and if that’s true I will jump out of my seat), Elan by Khadijah Shah has taken Pakistan by storm.

Élan Lawn this year, designer Khadijah Shah has taken inspiration from a variety of sources, incorporating design elements such as birds, trees, flowers, textures, animal prints, butterflies, frescos, trellises and geometrics by way of artistic compositions. Based in a strong colour palette that exudes a mature sophistication, the collection features citrus yellows, tangy limes, dusky pinks, sunset oranges, deep brick, charred charcoal, gold beiges, lavenders, ivories and blacks based in premium quality lawn fabric complemented with 100% pure silk and chiffon dupattas.

here for the Elan Catalog.

palatino;”>Having attended the Elan Lawn exhibition this Saturday, I can safely say that Lahore has crowned the new Queen of Lawn. As I tried to breathe in a tent filled with women (who clearly had no concept of waiting for their turn) I realized this is big league. A few hours into the exhibition the PA system was already announcing that some of the designs were now officially out of stock. Khadijah and her friends were trying to manage the crowd personally but clearly the ladies wanted a piece of Elan as they tugged the models and mannequins in hope of getting their waits worth. (A video that did rounds online before disappearing showed women literally trying to out run each other when the exhibition opened).

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Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner