Rafi Peer Youth Performing Art Festival 2014

I remember spending many Lahore winters on the cold brick stairs of the Alhamra Open Air Theatre near Qaddafi Stadium, wrapped in layers of warm clothing, sipping coffee with a group of a friends while enjoying the performances at the Rafi Peer Events. Lahore Winters changed when Rafi Peer events paused for a few years in the middle and I am absolutely delighted to share with you the program for the ‘ Rafi Peer Youth Performing Arts Festival ‘ all set to make a comeback this year starting tomorrow.

Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop Festivals, Lahore just wasn’t the same without you!

Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop Youth Performing Arts Festival Schedule 2014

We hope that this is not the only one and we hope to see our two favourites Mystic Sufi Festival and World Performing Arts Festival in the months to come. A big fat welcome back to the Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop. Let there be art!

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner