palatino;”>Naano for me has been the funnest grandparent one can ever have. When we were young it meant a fridge loaded with all sorts of goodies you could only dream of at home, slightly older she was the grandparent in charge of grooming, wardrobe and generally all growing up related issues including being my first driving instructor and eventually now an ear for possibly everything life has to offer… On a dining table Naano is lethal!! Not only does she cook the meanest Curry’s known to mankind, she also NEVER lets me put the food in my own plate. When you’re on her table she decides how hungry you are (VERY), what you’ll eat (EVERYTHING) and how much (ALL)… I dedicate this particular recipe to Naush… I know she’d have a thing or two to add to it, but in my defense, it tastes spectacular!! lol.

palatino;”> Rice 2 Cups washed and soaked
palatino;”> Potatoes Diced 1 Cup
palatino;”> Salt to taste (I’ve used about 1.5 Teaspoon)
palatino;”> Oil 6 Tablespoons
palatino;”> OR Dig into your Masala Cupboard and get out the following:
palatino;”> Clove, Dried Bay Leaves
palatino;”> – Take a thick bottomed pan, add three tablespoons of oil to it and heat.
palatino;”> – Add the Mince to the Onions in addition to Turmeric Powder (amazing for killing the Raw meat smell), Ginger and Garlic Paste and 2 Teaspoons of Curry Powder (otherwise a pinch of all the above Maslas except Red Chilli which will be to taste) and Salt.
palatino;”> – Now lower the flame, add Potatoes to the Mix and cover the pan to steam cook the Potatoes
palatino;”> My Way:
palatino;”> The slightly Tricky Way:
palatino;”>The end Result in either way should look like this 🙂 Serve with fresh Coriander and Plain Greek Yogurt.

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner