Rungrez Lawn 2015

Having focused on many of the lawn powerhouses so far, Team SiddySays is extremely excited to introduce a new kid on the block ‘Rungrez’ making it’s Lawn debut this season. Aesthetically refined and extremely tasteful, these designs give the much needed respite from the pattern onslaught in the lawn industry. We had a chat with the team behind this budding Lawn brand a group of young people committed to bringing a fresh perspective to the existing Lawn norms.

How did you decide to enter a fairly saturated lawn market?

Being in the textile industry for over 15 years now and mastering weaving, stitching and embroidery, we were always on the lookout to carve a niche in this extremely competitive market. After developing a strong team of experts recently, we finally decided it was the right time to launch Rungrez.

How does Rungrez differentiate itself aesthetically from lawn brands available in the market?

Rungrez is about delicacy… It is all about a woman who likes to express herself elegantly. The designs exude soft subtle aesthetics and prints that can be stylized and worn in versatile ways ad are not limited to one particular way of making.

We have tried to step back from the conventional vibrant and overdone textile prints that other brands are emphasizing on.

Vintage Rose by Rungrez Lawn 2015

What is the Rungrez design philosophy?

The collection personifies the modern woman who is vivacious yet sophisticated and feminine. The Rungrez Woman is refined, cultured and imaginative. The amalgamation of soft tones with a subtle blend of ethnic motifs & patterns define various moods that give diversity to the collection.

The collection depicts transition of the woman through different phases of a vibrant summer day. From hues of blue, green and yellow depicting morning glory, oranges and pinks for dazed afternoons to a bold evening romance of scarlet and black. It has all the elements of the season woven into finest lawn adorned with exquisite embroideries, paired with lustrous silk and chiffon dupattas.

Who are the people behind the Rungrez brand?

Team work is what we truly believe in and rely on. we have people from various professions who got together and made Rungrez.

Will Rungrez be available at retail or are you following a more exclusive selling mode?

Our maiden collection would be available at all the leading stores across Pakistan. we also have plans to open our own retail outlets down the line.

Beyond the design, what is Rungrez’s key strength and differentiation point?

Rungrez collection is subtle and aesthetic with major emphasis on unconventional embroideries and digital prints. We also are very conscious of giving our customers quality fabric that lasts through the Summer.

Rungrez Invite



Cloud No. 9 by Rungrez Lawn 2015 Coral Reef by Rungrez lawn 2015

Morrocan Muse by Rungrez Lawn 2015
Porcelain Damsel by Rungrez Lawn 2015 Sakura by Rungrez Lawn 2015 Santorini by Rungrez Lawn 2015 Spring Flare by Rungrez Lawn 2015 Summer Bliss by Rungrez Lawn 2015

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner