Shahalam Lahore Wholesale Market

This hub for wholesale shopping and distribution to the whole of Pakistan (also often dubbed as the largest wholesale market in Asia) is situated in the Old Walled City of Lahore next to the where once, one of the elevan gates of Lahore stood tall. The “Shah-Alami Gate” is named after the one of the sons of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, Shah Alam I. Before his death, the gate was called the “Bherwala Gate.” During the 1947 independence riots, the gate was burned. Shopping in ‘Shah-Alami’ (Lahore wholesale market) as it is fondly known now is an experience where sights and sounds over whelm you and the scenery changes with each Gali or Street that you walk into. From the Brass Street selling brass made lighting fixtures, to Bartan Street selling all sorts of Kitchen Utencils… some of the streets I walked through on Day 2 of the Shah Alami adventure included streets dedicated to Shoes, Hand Embroidered Fabrics, Bridal Dresses, Beads and Laces, Jewellery, Children’s Clothing, Kitchen Utencils, Embroidery Threads, Block Printing artisans etc… Everything is WHOLESALE.

A shelf of a three story building dedicated to whole sale ribbons

As we walked back with bags full of shopping I was already planning my next trip to the place. There is so much more to explore and see at this Lahore wholesale market, I think you will surely be hearing more on Shah Alami in the coming days


Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner