SiddySays loves power women and there is no hiding that. For us, women who hold their ground are right up there is with women who support other women.

We know women don’t have it easy in the society and the world and while scores of women suffer silently in their homes and work places, female celebrities bear the brunt of trolls much more publically.

Cyber bullies have a field day commenting on personal lives, appearances and we know self righteousness generally knows no bounds with these people. Which is why today we are celebrating three women who put things in perspective by giving a sweet reality check to the cynics at large!

Meesha Shafi

Meesha’s latest shoot with Ashna Khan is an art directors dream come true! While there were the necessary and well earned oohs and aahs the usual critics couldn’t help but share their two cents. We don’t understand how any random person can be the police for how much or how little make up one should wear and loved Meesha’s response to wailay log commenting on her looks.

Rather than being apologetic, Meesha owned it and put the blabbers in their place!




Momina Mustehsan


Momina’s shoot to stardom is unprecedented and over night the shy sweet girl turned into a super celebrity evoking interest of every tom, dick and harry in practically every aspect of her life.

So when news of her short lived engagement surfaced moral police took to the internet. She had a beautifully phrased shut up call ready – yes shit happens get a life y’all she said in well drafted statement leaving little room for the haw hai brigade.


Armeena Khanarmena

Armeena has recently been the target to cyber trolling for no good reason. In one long statement Armeena posed a few pertenant questions…

  1. A woman in show business doesn’t mean there is a green pass to pick on her… it’s a career like any other.
  2. Girls STOP picking on girls. Together we are better, stronger and more progressive.
  3. Celebrities are people too.

Nothing ANYONE can disagree with. We love how a little dose of reason can put things in perspective.


Frankly, if you’re someone who comments ‘what kind of Muslim are you’ or ‘if you wear that dress you’re asking for it’ or ‘You’re ugly’ – please note, you really need to mind your own business.

And Meesha, Momina and Armeena we love you for standing up!!

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner