Shaan Shahid Sadaf Zarrar

Shaan Shahid , the original Pakistani hero came over to the SiddySays HQ and we caught up with this dear old friend of ours finally after weeks of planning. As always, time flew by as Shaan pulled us into his world of movies, with his eyes shining bright with the mention of the form of art he has grown with.   Shaan Shahid

Shaan Shahid

What followed was a candid chat as he opened his heart and let out his frustrations at the state of cinema, the rivalries and the misunderstandings all of which he’s dealt with grace over the years standing firmly by his beliefs on how Pakistani cinema should evolve to be a great industry again.

Watch this interview to get to know the man we know, a loving husband, son and father in addition to being one of the last flag bearers of good old Lollywood, dedicating his time and effort to bring the glory back.

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner