I for one am absolutely fascinated by the 60s, it was just yesteraday when I was in conversation with a friend that we started drawing similarities between then and now. One after the other we managed a whole list of nows inspired from then.

From the unassuming supermodel to the boyband girls just cannot get enough of, to Bond who still has a license to kill to first ladies who double up as fashion icons, to shoe trends that cycle every few years… not only this, even our shopping, entertainment, music etc are all the same, except they’ve gone digital…

I mean, seriously. Is there anything we need nowadays that we can’t get with digital means? Entertainment? You’ve got Youtube, Netflix, Foxybingo.com (for the gaming types), and various blogs. Information? Google. Social life? Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Call me nostalgic but while I appreciate these conveniences, the old school magic will never tire me.

Would you agree?

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner