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A brand new read for all book lovers! Pakistani-American author Soniah Kamal has released her debut novel An Isolated Incident in Pakistan. If you’re a sucker for ‘sub continent stories’ like us this saga of loss, love, and survival set in Kashmir, Pakistan, Afghanistan and America is a recommended read, An Isolated Incident explores how to survive the most devastating losses of all– the loss of family and ideals.

More than 20 years in the making, Soniah conceived the idea in her youth. She took the next several years to develop the story, and she finally began to write it after promising her late Kashmiri grandfather that she would write about Kashmir.

An Isolated Incident is now available in Lahore at Readings, Variety Books, Ferozsons and Vanguard Books; in Karachi at Speedy Books, Liberty Books, Say Publications and Fazli Sons; and in Islamabad at Saeed Book Bank, Mr. Books and Variety Books at PKR 595. The book is also available online on,,, and

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Speaking about the book, Soniah Kamal said “I wanted to explore the role of silence, and speaking up, in memory and history both personal and collective. As for inspiration – the maternal side of my family is from Srinagar and one summer, relatives visiting Lahore related how difficult life in Kashmir was (at the time) and that a late night knock could very well mean death or even worse. I could not get the ‘even worse’ out of my mind and the story and Zari’s character were born in tandem. Billy was born when a schoolmate’s brother ran off to become a ‘freedom fighter.’ This was a boy from an affluent family, he’d studied at elite schools, was a stellar student, was supposed to make his mark on the world- only, not in the way he did, and I saw how his act changed his family. Then it was just a matter of bringing these two worlds together.”

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Book Credits for An Isolated Incident :

Author: Soniah Kamal | Literary Agent: Mita Kapur at Siyahi Literary Consultancy | Publisher: Fingerprint! Publishing. An imprint of Prakash Books. | Editor: Gayatri Goswami | Cover Design: Shikha Sabarwal, Sunil Kumar and Soniah Kamal

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
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