Hair Meet Wardrobe

palatino;”>The first designer is Todd Lynn who has spent a good part of the 7 years he’s been in business dressing Pop Culture Royalties including Fergie and Rihana. He brought forward an almost Monochrome Rock and Roll take on Spring. The styling needless to say complimented the fashion and embodied the Lady like ‘Gangsta’ Todd had visualized in his clothes. The result was crazy texture and waves brought out by TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe Creative Style Spray Wax.

Matthew Williamson, the second designer on the other hand was different story. The whole Boho meets Office Chic attracted a whole new clientele for the designer while keeping his loyal fans fairly happy. The styling to compliment was glossy locks, gently teased crown and a side parting that reminded us of the glamorous ladies of the 70s.

palatino;”>Side Parting or Center? Flowing Locks or Waxed Back?, Straight and Simple or Layered and Textured. I can’t decide which one… but I’m trying the side parting tomorrow for sure. Stay tuned for pictures!!

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner