Sadaf Zarrar Foha Raza

The Fashion Pakistan Week Autumn Winter 2014 show is barely a week away and we are (so far) all geared to head South for this exciting showcase of trends coming our way courtesy Fashion Pakistan. Having been to many a shows in Lahore, Foha and I are super excited to experience a Fashion Pakistan event finally. Here we speak about all we’re looking forward to.

 Sadaf Zarrar Foha Raza SiddySays


 The Karachi Designer – Maheen Khan!

Karachi designers are the ones we crave to see, for we don’t see them often. This time around from the participating line-up, I am looking forward to seeing Maheen Khan’s collection on the ramp. She presented some outstanding ensembles previously and I can’t wait to see what has to offer this time around.

 The Extra-Curricular Activities:

Fashion Week is not a ‘week’ without the numerous lunches, dinners and after-parties are revolve around it! And so, I am definitely looking forward to all the extra planned meet & greets. It is always a great opportunity to find out what is happening and how the industry is progressing.

 Novelty, novelty, novelty:

I am a sucker for novelty and constantly love seeking out the unique, the fresh and most definitely innovative ideas that emerge when the incredible designers come together on one platform. Be it on the ramp, the red carpet or anywhere else novelty is the right way to go.


Karachi is the hub of the industry and that is why every fashion week held there leads to anticipation of seeing celebrity faces we normally don’t get to see in Lahore. I am looking forward to seeing the rare celeb faces and the trends that they will bring to the red carpet and otherwise.

 Returning Fashion Statements:

We all know what is trending in the fashion industry of Pakistan these days. What I am more interested in is, what people are bringing back. Is there going to be any one daring to bring back returning fashion statements? I guess we will have to just wait and see!


Karachi Media:

Lahore may be the home to some of the most recognizable faces in Fashion Journalism but Karachi boasts big names like Andeeb Rana, Aamina Isaani, Raheel Rao, Maliha Rehman, Faiza Lakhani, Salima Feerasta and so many more, always amazing exchanging notes!

Shehla’s Jackets:

Even though, Lahore is way cooler in the Winter, some of the most memorable jackets this year have come from the Karachi based designer Shehla Chatoor. As Lahore walas we’re super excited to see how she glams up the necessary layer for the Lahori weather!

Subtle Luxe/ Understated Glamour:

Designers Mahin Karim, Sanam Chaudhri, AyeshaFarooq Hashwani, Sana Safinaz and more have owned understated glamour for years. It’ll be great to see the their aesthetic in action first hand.

Faraz Manan:

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was really looking forward to the Faraz Manan show. I don’t know if it’s intentional or by coincidence but Faraz happens to be the only Lahore based designer at FPWAW14 this year. While we saw many more Karachi designers brave Lahore we can’t help but wish there was a better mix of Lahore and Karachi aesthetic at Karachi also.

Red Carpet Style:

We’re doing a fabulous collaboration with Toni&Guy HMW!! Designing looks for the Red Carpet with the renowned stylists from the Toni&Guy Salon in Karachi has been so much fun so far and we can’t wait to see how the looks come to life during the FPWAW14.

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner