Team SiddySays

The PFDC LOreal Bridal Week is just a few days away and Team SiddySays is geared to make the best of it. While fashion weeks are fairly maddening we love every minute of them. The fashion, the red carpet, the collections the winners and losers, the gossip the works!

For some of us, Fashion Weeks have been a way of life now… for the rest it’s just the beginning. Each of us will be looking forward to something different. Meet team #SiddySays and what we’re going to be looking at.

Sadaf Zarrar SiddySays

Red Carpet. I’m a people watcher and there is no better place to do that than the Fashion Week Red Carpet. Red Carpet fashion differentiates between those who have it and those who don’t. The fashion people and the crowd. It’s a great place to observe human interactions, the ‘oh I’m so excited to see yous’ and the air kissing.

The Journos. Fashion Weeks always attract the best of Fashion Journalists from all over. It’s such a learning experience always. Most of them would have flown in from Karachi and we don’t interact often enough.

The Surprises. One always has favourites going into a fashion week, but I love being surprised by strong presentations from a designer you were least expecting them from. There is always one or two of those (and of course those who have been hyped to the nth and produce nothing).

The Lies. Everyone will be told that their collection was fabulous. Some of it will be true and some lies. Always fun to see.

The Karachi Wallas. The Karachi Designer contingent is pretty darn strong this year and while we absolutely adore our Lahoris, with Nomi Ansari, Misha Lakhani, Sania Maskatiya, Sana Safinaz and Nida Azwer all headed to Lahore, clearly the Karachi contingent will be fun to watch!
Foha Raza Novelty on the Red Carpet.  Looking forward to seeing the trends are a given at the Red Carpet. We get to see all the fashion do’s and don’ts and the hits and misses. But what about the novelty? Sometimes we are witness to flash mobs, insanely outrageous outfits and so much more. Definitely looking forward to that!

The Lounges.  One of the best places to relax and chill out during the breaks in the fashion week are at the Lounges. This time around we hear that there will be three lounges… makes for ample mingling,

Zara Shahjahan’s Bridal Collection.  Be it ‘True Love’, ‘City of Love’ or even ‘Love Bug’, Zara Shahjahan always puts up a strong show with not only elegant but also wearable designer outfits in both bridal and pret. Very keen on sitting in that show!

Theatrics on the Ramp.  Fashion Weeks are full of drama on the ramp it could be Ali Xeeshan’s very vibrant Bollywood playlists, Fahad Hussayn’s dark glamor, or HSY’s spectacular finales. Wonder what the ramp will present to us this time around!

Street Chic.  We all know that models, designers and celebrities will look fabulous during the fashion week. But my personal interest is all for what the glamorous unknown are wearing. Frankly, it shows us how fashion works in a trickledown effect!

Amna Niazi SiddySays

Colours.  I would like to see a fresher color palette for the wedding day. Something different from the usual red but still relevant to the occasion… I’m loving how the designers have started mixing colours. It’ll be fun

Maheen Kardar and HSY. They’re epic. The shows are always entertaining in every possible way.

Star Power. Designers have often used big celebrities to create impact during the show. From movie stars to actors to singers everyone has been on the ramp. Wonder which designer will bring the celebrities this time.

The Trend Forecasting. I see a very Eastern Vintage vibe simmering under… Can’t wait to see how the designers will translate that. Will it be the return of tissue and tilla dabka or will we be tortured with ‘mermaid lehnga’ type trends… Only time will tell.

The clique.  The fun that always is when the siddysays team is together. It’ll be a lot of laughs, snide comments, admiration and love and elbowing! Should be one big fat fun packed 3 days.

  Anoosh Zeerik SiddySays

Photography.  To be able take amazing pictures of amazing people is mind blowing. I think I’ll see the whole event through my view finder. I’m super excited to be able to click away.

Fashion. As the ladies of the blog are forever picking on me for my ignorance about fashion, I am intending on using my first real world experience in the world of fashion as a crash course.

Designs. As a photographer, I love beautiful visuals. Getting to see the designs and creativity of all the designers first hand is an exciting proposition. Photographs will always give you the photographers perspective and not necessarily the ‘real thing’. I can’t wait to see it all first hand.

More than Fashion. To the performances and the glamour and the drama… I want to take it all in.

The celebrities. To meet new people and to know who are the top celebrities in the fashion world. Any one who is any one will be making appearance at some point or the other it will be one exciting space.

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner