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palatino; font-size: small;”>A beautiful life requires work & effort!
It means NOT staying in your pyjamas in front of the computer all weekend.
It means getting in the shower, picking an outfit, choosing an activity & actually putting yourself out there.
It means calling your friends to invite them out.
It means staying in touch with your friends & making the effort so that you actually HAVEfriends to do things with!
It means striking up conversation with people who may look weird or be different to you.
It means doing things you’re not totally sure of, heart pounding, & heebie-jeebies creeping up the back of your skull.
I know that sometimes, staying in & watching a movie is more tempting. But I also know that when we finally extricate ourselves from our nests, we feel so much better about ourselves, & life in general!

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Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner