Monday Playlist

The thing about having friends with great taste is that a good playlist is only a phone call away. ‘If I had a choice, I’d listen to Music all the time’ says Moeed Yousaf the founder of MUSE . Always on the hunt for fresh tunes Moeed turns to music when he needs to unwind or re energize, when he’s looking for inspiration, as the background to his work or life in general… that is probably why I had this playlist within an hour of making a request for it.

Monday Playlist

Moeed’s playlist speaks of a conscious rebirth. About choosing to move ahead feeling happier and more positive while staying connected to the best the past has had to offer. ‘The collection has some old songs that I hadn’t heard in a while and some new ones I’ve discovered lately  and some kick ass remixes of songs I love’.


Moeed Yousaf's Ipod by Sadaf Zarrar on Grooveshark

Moeed had requested ‘Nebraska’ by Orenda Fink song but since I couldn’t find that cover, I’m taking the liberty of at least introducing you to the artists through another song – Wind 🙂

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner

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