I don’t know how the topic started but Sanam’s words hit home ‘Foundation just keeps looking worst with age’. I don’t think she thought much about what she said but sitting in a small gathering of friends, she answered a question I had been struggling with for a few years now – what foundation do I use (if at all… never been a huge fan of the ‘base’).

I distinctly remember how embarrassed I felt when a sales girl had she expressed her shock at my lack of experience with a liquid foundation brush. Of course I just assumed that all 35 year olds must have one in their make up pouch at all times (even though I knew it wasn’t true). I bought the brush yes, as well as the foundation (which worked like a charm in the London winter) after all I did feel my skin had been looking a bit shabby lately ummm ‘missing it’s glow’ as they say. At the very next store,  another sales girl confirmed that if I bought the pore filling balm and some under eye primer any remaining concerns that I had would be put to rest. This was of course before I bought my BB Cream and after I had experimented with various powders and foundations.

My quest hasn’t ended as yet, I have to admit, so far some non oily day cream topped with a light brushing of loose powder seems to work the best for me in the Summer. This of course is barring the occasions when I do use the liquid foundation with the fancy brush, but just coming to terms with the fact that I may not find the perfect answer solution because ‘foundation just keeps looking worst with age’, will probably help.

Have you found the perfect foundation yet?

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner