Sadaf Zarrar

Day 3 was chaos. I had a beautiful Sublime boho dress lined up and had boho braids in mind BUT as Murphy would have it, MY BAD, even though the dress had been fitted to my size, I hadn’t tried it with heels and it was a tad bit longer than I could have managed. The result was a stressful run from store to store looking for a ‘casual’ outfit. I found this skirt at Sonia Batla, and rushed to the salon late you know how the rest follows…

As casual a person as I am day to day, I love dressing up for events so I hadn’t quite hacked casual for Red Carpet. Anyway, the beautiful skirt made up for it. While you couldn’t see the details, in the pictures, the handwork was beautiful. Saeeda and I went a bit bold and I got bangs on a whim. The final touch was the purple roots and Red Carpet ready I was thanks to Toni&Guy HMW.

Sadaf Zarrar Toni&Guy HMW

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