Hairdos! Let’s face it… we all wish we knew how to manage our hair better. When Team SiddySays sat down one afternoon discussing Summer Hair, we decide to take the challenge head on, quit complaining and learn a few quick yet chic hairstyles once and for all. We managed to contact Sahar Amin of Sahar’s Salon who taught our in-house model Anushay the first of our Summer hairstyles, the Upside Down French Updo!! As with most hairstyles, Sahar told us that one day old washed hair would be perfect to tame into this chic do.


Summer Hair French Updo
We have to admit, Sahar and Anushay made it seem easier than it was but after a try or two we finally got the hang of it ourselves too… How about you try it out at home and tag us in your pictures to see how it fared for you??

French Updo SUmmer hair TutorialStep 1:

Flip your hair upside down and brush with a paddle brush.

French Updo SUmmer hair TutorialStep 2:

While upside down, take 3 sections about 2 to 3 inches  from the nape of your neck and begin to French braid.

French Updo SUmmer hair TutorialStep 3:

Continue the French braid till it covers two-thirds of the way up your head.

French Updo SUmmer hair TutorialStep 4:

Fasten the braid with a thin pony holder.

French Updo SUmmer hair TutorialStep 5:

Twist your hair and make a ballerina bun at the top of the head.Begin to fold the excess hair under the bottom of the bun and fasten with a pony holder. Spray fly aways and its done!!!

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner