If you’re anything like me, you would periodically:

A. forget to take your laundry to the dry cleaner

B. forget to bring it back till you realize the shirt you wanted to wear that day is missing, only to track it back to the time you dropped it for a wash.

If the above two don’t happen it’s likely you would have lost your receipt somewhere. In your bag?! or car? or wait a minute did you ask your hubby to pick it up?!? #TrueStory


Laundry walaz

Enter Laundry Walaz, starring in ‘Watch Out For’ – a section on SiddySays dedicated new start ups, brands and generally great ideas.

When Ahmed Azim called me up (who I confess I am already acquainted with) I wasn’t expecting him to tell me he and his brother Hamza along with their partner Shams Amin had started a laundry service. Hello?! Who does that? Right? I mean you’ve recently completed your Masters from Warwick, you could be in a swanky job, or well have a ‘cooler’ start up idea… BUT since he insisted ‘You have to try it out you absolutely must’ I gave in (quite easily I might add).

The verdict: Having used them thrice they are Highly Recommended (so much that I have now passed the number on to my mother and mother in law).

Laundry walaz-3


The service is simple. All you have to do (if you live in Lahore) is call 042-36688830-1 (nifty app also coming soon) schedule an appointment, arrange for the pick up and have your washed or dry cleaned clothes returned to you within 24 hours. You’ll also get an SMS telling you when your clothes will be coming back, and they have an express premium service that turns around your laundry in six hours.


The charges are same as any reputable laundry service in town (and you get free delivery in the cost). All details about the service as well as the complete rate list is available {here}.

The service is currently available all across Lahore.

Laundry walaz-5

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner