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I have what you may refer to as an ‘insanely busy’ life. Between my work, blogging, my beautiful daughter, home and hubby there is barely any time left to indulge. Which is why, I’m forever looking for shortcuts to transition my outfits with my multiple roles.

I stock up heavily early Summer and get a bundle of clothes made for work. As a consequence, my wardrobe is loaded with Lawn suits which are perfect for Summer. Unfortunately, despite being a part of every Summer wardrobe, and the designer phenomenon kicking in, Lawn is still perceived casual or day wear. During weekdays, I do not have the luxury of changing outfits morning to evening as I rush from on thing to the other. Hence, a little change here and there, shoes and accessories I am ready to work mode to dinner mode.

Of the retail lawns, I prefer Sapphire because to start with it’s affordable… and with the bundles stitched for Summer it is a key driver for me. The designs are beautiful and Summery and have the right amount of embellishment to take an outfit from day to evening. Here is how I transition my look. Hope you like it!

Sapphire Lawn Sadaf Zarrar

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner