palatino;”>WHAT IS POLO?

palatino;”>HISTORY OF POLO:

palatino;”>POLO TEAMS:

palatino;”>Number One  is the most offence-oriented position on the field.

  • palatino;”>Number Three  is the tactical leader and must be a long powerful hitter to feed balls to Number Two and Number One as well as maintaining a solid defence. 
  • palatino;”>Polo must be played right-handed. (Courtesy Wikipedia)

    palatino;”>A polo game is played between two teams with four players on each side.

  • palatino;”>Teams line up, in numerical order, opposite each other.
  • palatino;”>The line of the ball is a “right of way” established by the path of a traveling ball. Right of way occurs when a player has the line of the ball on his right; the player who struck the ball last has right of way. 
  • palatino;”>A polo match is approximately one and one-half hours long and is divided into seven-minute chukkers.
  • palatino;”>Breaks between chukkers are three minutes long, with a 15-minute halftime.
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    Written by Sadaf Zarrar
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