Sarwat Gillani 10 things

Petite and perky Sarwat Gillani dominates the silver screen with her charismatic presence. She’s an extraordinary artist in every sense of the word. With experiences in television, films and theater under her belt, Sarwat sits down with SiddySays to confide in on ten things no one really knows about her.

Sarwat Gillani

1. Who was your first crush?

Tom Cruise

2. What’s the first thing you notice in a man?

His gentlemen qualities

3. One word that sums up your life partner?

The word is…Fahad.

4. Your best friend is ?

My mother and my mother in law

5. When you are low how do you lift yourself up?

I breathe harder.

6. What’s the one thing you wish you could change about yourself?


7. What’s your favorite romantic movie?

Any movie where I sit and hold my husband’s hand becomes romantic for me.

8. What makes your heart skip a beat?

When Fahad looks at me and can’t say a word.

9. One thing you can’t stand in other people?

Dishonesty and fakeness

10. What’s your favorite spot in Karachi?


Sarwat Gillani


Written by Naveen Qazi
Fashion & Lifestyle writer.