Yeh Dil Mera had a hype about it due to Ahad and Sajal’s pairing after Yakeen Ka Safar, and with their relationship having taken so much limelight, even we were psyched.

Directed by Ahson Talish and written by Farhat Ishtiaq, from the first episode, Yeh Dil Mera had had hooked to its mysterious plot which was fresh and new from all the stereotypical plots that we had seen. But during the second week of the drama serial, we kind of got lost in what was going on. Everything was so obvious, but the suspense fell flat.

And today we’re down to episode 25 and as much as we love the writing and execution of Yeh Dil Mera, here are 3 reasons why we want it to end.


With episode 24 having aired last night, one for a few minutes thought that this might actually be the second last episode as Aman tells Noor that it was her father which killed his entire family but with her not willing to accept the truth she sets out to show Aman wrong by staying with him to prove her father is a saint and not the monster he says he is and it was here where we just threw our hands in the air as we know that in the coming weeks she will realize that Mir Farooq killed her mother as well and was wrong all along resulting in her staying with Aman and hating her father but why take this situation and stretch it more is what we are finding hard to digest .


Now in our eyes it is not important to stretch the drama to 30 -32 episode instead if Yeh Dil Mera was limited to lets say 25 episodes only than it would have remained its spark right till the end as it would have seen the story move ahead at a fast pace but now what is happening is that out of the hour long episode only ten minutes is new while rest is all that we already know which doesn’t keep you hooked through out and that is disappointing for a Farhat Ishtiaq script especially.


One of the hottest couple in entertainment are the real charm of the drama but their characters now have nothing new to offer either as what is happening is that Aman looses his cool , Ana cries than she shows him attitude and than he cries and she softens up. With Yaqeen Ka Safar the two actors till the end were a joy to watch but not here anymore as their on screen chemistry is not what it was when the drama began perhaps it can be attributed to the fact that the situations are being merely repeated hence the dialogues are not allowing the two stars to keep their chemistry sizzling.

With Mir Farooq going to pay for his sins soon , we are now at a stage where we just might only watch the last episode and skip in between to see how correct our prediction was about Yeh Dil Mera as at the moment the play seems too predictable and boring.