We’re down to 25 episodes of Ranjha Ranjha Kardi, which means that we shall soon see Bhola and Noori’s story come to an end. However, until the last episode doesn’t air, we are not ready to walk away from this Saturday love-affair, so we’re going to revel in all the reasons as to why this drama serial is worth the watch for its perfectly etched characters, their mind blowing performances, or when they highlighted a pertinent social issue, and simply for the fact that we’re irrevocably hooked to this drama serial.

So, this episode showed some massive developments in all the characters where everything literally went haywire; Noori’s desperation to unchain herself from Bhola and his family, Sahir’s devious plan to have Noori all for himself and the cake too, Fehmida’s dependency on Noori for Bhola’s care, and Bhola’s emotional attachment to his “dulhan”, have led the story in an alternate direction. This episode raised a lot of eyebrows and left many of our questions unanswered with it’s play out, however, amidst all the chaos that’s been troubling Noori, it was Bhola that we were focused on.

Here are 3 reasons why, episode 25 of Ranjha Ranjha Kardi belong to Bhola aka Imran Ashraf.

  • After Noori returns upon her meeting with Sahir with a plan, Bhola calms down after seeing her and follows her into their room. The way he innocently confesses to his feelings of love to a frazzled and confused Noori, and expresses how her that her absence makes him miserable and upset, was perhaps one of the many sweet moments. However when he explains why he let’s her win in ludo is because he cant see her in pain, and thus his dil, goes dhak dhak dhak dhak, is because he loves her immensely. #goals
  • When Noori burns her hand while ironing Fehmida’s clothes resulted in a concerned and teary-eyed love struck Bhola who couldn’t bare his dulhan’s pain. So, he hammers his mother for treating Noori like a servant while she rests on her high seat and orders to do house-hold chores. Bhola’s fascinating display of his unsullied emotions and blinding love for Noori leaves Fehmida in wonder and makes this the second reason why we loved Imran Ashraf in this episode.
  • In the last scene, when Bhola wakes up to find an absent Noori, he wallows on the floor and at the same time tries to dominate Noori who is only trying to provoke him so he can show aggression towards him and gives her a reason to leave. So she tries to taunt him with all the things that excite him, but Bhola very convincingly tries to maintain his cool and calm like a love-sick, love-torn one-sided lover who refuses to react the way Noori wants him to. Hence, Bhola breaks in a pool of tears and tells Noori that he wont hit her because if he does, she’ll leave him and therefore begs her not to leave him. Wow!

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.