We love Meera Jee’s confidence; she’s bold, fierce and not afraid to give voice to her thoughts. Even though most of her remarks either leave the social media in a frenzy and at other times her “quotes” go viral, but  in spite of everything that has happened on and off camera, behind closed doors or for the world to see, Meera is admired for her spunk.

YES, Meera Jee loves being the center of the attention

YES, Meera Jee is candid when it comes to telling the truth in a spew of boring and meticulously articulated responses from other Pakistani celebrities

YES, Meera Jee is underestimated at times when it comes to her craft (go watch BAAJI) 

On top of that, Meera has stayed in the limelight when it comes to her peers and has evolved in these trying times in our film industry. We’d also like to give credit to her #Stylist, Andaleeb for making Meera reprise her image with the passage of time.

So, let’s take a look back to when Meera started out to her stint in Bollywood up until today.

Meera began her career in 1995 and later received critical acclaim for her performance in 1999. Despite working in more than 50 films both in Lollywood and Bollywood, Meera kept her hold. She quickly bagged the title of the the perfect Pakistani damsel in distress with her latkas and jhatakas, and kept on working hard and uplifted her image.

In 2005, Meera went on across the border to work with Mahesh Bhatt in the movie Nazar, which garnered more attention also because it was the first indo-pak venture in 50 years and MEERA was in it. This damsel played the “bold” women, which showed Meera Jee as the sexy siren in a revamped avatar, Minus the controversies, Meera opened doors for further indo-pak projects.

Meera, has time again come back into the limelight, for her performances, for the SO MANY viral (ahem) controversies; be it her relationships, her Twitter account etc, her curly hair or her fashion sense that has left us gaping, nothing has ever stopped her from standing up for herself. Kudos to that!

And today, in 2019, Meera is being applauded for her performance in Baaji. She’s on fire, but Meera has attained a certain kind of grace as she (ages) and upped her fashion game because of the lot of Stylists that we have. We’d say, after making so many questionable sartorial choices, Meera has finally found herself.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.