I have to admit, chopping your hair after an era of entangled, split-ended, unkempt and thinned out long hair is one of the best things to do this summer. We can give you a list of rationales why short hair is the latest  trend to carry off in this crazy heat. I had a haircut few days back (chopping off almost 3 inches of it) and every day I am coming across new things to be in love with about my cropped tresses. My hair feels much healthier with more volume in it and also dries up quickly than before.

Although we do believe that way back in school time or college perhaps you sworn by not letting your gossamer Rapunzel mane. As you considered it to be an emblem of your beauty! Surely, you have no idea what you are missing out on if you aren’t taking that sword to cut off those extra inches like Mulan (well she completely chopped it off). It feels so liberating trust me.

From our personal experience we can say for sure that cutting your hair short feels like purifying your soul (a new human altogether). You are actually doing a favor to your head by letting go of all those dead cells weighing it down. Here are a few reasons for all the girls out there that identify with the absolute magnificence of a sassy hair cut.

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sadaf kIt’s All the Rage these days!

Can you imagine even the celebrities are walking in your footsteps. All are sporting short hair bob and that too with a hint of sophistication.


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