A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms – which is the second episode from the eighth season of Game of Thrones aired on Sunday, 21st April, marking Monday, the busiest day of a new working week for any Pakistani individual, anticipating it because of you-know-why!

From the House of the Starks to the Targaryens, including everyone else loyal to them prepared for a war with the White Walkers. However, amidst all the chaos and frenzy, a few unexpected twists took place.


It was surely an iconic moment when Jamie set foot in Winterfell after everything that happened in the past. His visit brought back memories of his doing in the heart-lurching moment when  he pushed little Bran Stark from one of the highest towers in Winterfell upon his last visit. Also, we certainly didn’t expect Jaime to abandon Cersei considering he loved her for all her follies, or matter how twisted she had become after losing all her children. Nor, did we really expect Jamie to be pardoned for all his past crimes that included slaying the Mad King, and making Bran a cripple for life.


We’ve seen Arya evolve, from a little girl who dreamed of fighting her own battles to finally becoming an undisputed warrior, reaches out to Gendry to Gendry to feel like what it’s like to “feel” whole a night before the White Walkers reach Winterfell.


As Tormund goes on and on about his adventures with a certain giant lady, Jaime thinks of a better way to impress —and rightfully reward Brienne, we say— by knighting this fierce, loyal woman in the glowing light of the fire making it a emotional moment for everyone involved. However, what kept resonating in our ears were Jaime’s immortal words from the first season in that moment: ‘things we do for love’.


Jon Snow has been carrying the weight of his true identity for some time now but hadn’t shared this mighty truth with Dany yet. However, the night before the White Walkers breach the boundaries of their safe haven, everything else seems minuscule in comparison to their arrival. Standing in front of the Lyanna Stark’s tomb in the crypt, Snow reveals his true identity to Daenerys in the following words:

“The last thing as she [Lyanna Stark] bled to death on her birthing bed was give the boy to her brother, Ned Stark, to raise as his bastard,” he says. “My name, my real name, is Aegon Targaryen.”