Did you know that there’s a beard style for every guy? But most of the guys, I think, don’t know what they are doing when they have facial hair. Which is why we’re here to give them a sense of direction because every guy we know has a beard right now and it’s all over the place.

Hey, try out a new beard style. You can change your beard’s shape, clean up the lines or trim your beard to a different length for an all-new look in 2020.

There was time when beards were considered a status symbol, men looked gorgeous and glorious, but now beards are more of sartorial choices. A guy catches a whiff of another guy sporting a sassy look, they’ll be seen wearing it the next time.

So, before you do something dramatic with your beard, we’re going to give you some beard inspirations in lock down that you can do now, or post-lock down.


This is a look that requires less maintenance with a full beard. And it’s best for guys who have a round (because they have the fear of looking not their best without facial hair) or oval look. And a beard all the way up to their side burns gives them a full look.


I prefer the groomed stubble, it looks uber-cool. And if you’re tired of the full-on hairy look, go for this one. It’s not big or short, but something that gives #feelgoodvibes.


Growing a full beard is like a commitment that you can’t just back out of. It requires maintenance and time to achieve that fine look. So be sure if this is what you want because you might get into some trouble with it’s up keep.


Robert Downey Jr. is the best example of the Balbo Beard. Trimmed sideburns, full on the chin and is looks classic on someone with a round or diamond shape face, that can even look slimmer. This look never goes out of style.


Bald with a beard is a trend and there are several beard styles for bald men considering the shape of their face and facial hair. For example, men with round faces can pick long beard styles that make their face longer, and oval-faced guys should stick to shorter beards.

It really is important to know your face and your facial hair because whatever look you decide to achieve comes with some pre-requisites. Also the right tools and products for maintaining a certain look are important. So, if you can manage one of these looks at home, instead of just shaving everything off, do it. Otherwise you can hit up the barber post-lock down.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.