We may be basking in post-Eid meat extravganza and all you can think of and see is great food and a bombardment of recipes from every wannabe expert chef. While it may take time to perfect your culinary skills we are going to give you a short quick look over on some of the amazing YouTubers from Pakistan who are cooking great food and ruling the internet.

Village Food Secrets

Belonging from Shahpur, Mubashir Siddique started his Youtube journey in January 2017. Managing to garner 1.2 million subscribers over time he uses the traditional way of cooking. His videos are shot in his village and the serene backgrounds view along with birds chirping along. His recipes are worth a try. Here: Village Food Secrets

Food Fusion

Food fusion makes our lives easier by telling us easy ways to make great food. Also, it’s the only Pakistani channel to make its way to the top 100 food youtube channels. With around 900 videos on the web, this is a must-follow for every foodie. Here: Food Fusion

Rana Hamza Saif-RHS

Rana Hamza Saif travels Pakistan far and wide reviewing food specialties from every area. He has over 28K followers on youtube. His videos are interesting and a great opportunity to learn about our country and its food specialties. Here: RHS

Bros Meet the World

These channels are owned by two Pakistani brothers who love exploring delicious foods from across Pakistan. They also started in 2017 and have gathered 58k subscribers overtime. They are interested in reviewing other great cuisines around the globe. Here: Bros Meet The World

Sooper Chef

If you want easy and delicious food made in no time follow Sooper chef on Youtube and know how to be an expert at cooking. This particular Youtube channel is a favorite to 96K followers who enjoy their step by step guide and learn the art of making great food. Here: Sooper Chef