We applaud that genius who came up with the idea of waterproof makeup because we all can relate to the idea of makeup running down our faces while in the bright, scorching sun, in the pool and/or at that forever emotional rukhsati scene where the bride is seen with black tear streaks running down her cheeks. So we’ve rounded rain- and tear-proof makeup which is pretty affordable and will stay on your face all day!

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Starting with the basics, first up we have Revlon’s Colorstay Foundation. This product glides on seamlessly onto your skin and sort of ‘hugs it,’ meaning: time, sweat, or touch won’t make it budge or come off easily.


Horrors of eye shadow falling off of our lids cease to exist now thanks to L’Oréal Paris that has come up with a stunning range of Infallible Eye shadows – of 18 shades that boasts of lasting for hours on end, not allowing even water to budge it or steal its sheen.


We know gym and pool sessions are no-makeup zones, but a little mascara never hurt anybody. And our most trustworthy weapon to make ‘em lashes stand out is Maybelline’s Rockey Waterproof Mascara. This baby just does not budge, nor smears across the skin.


For times when we want that au natural look, but also a crisp-looking brow, we go for the smear-proof wonder that this product offers. Nyx’s Tame and Frame tinted brow pomade will not disappoint you.


As for eyeliners, we trust nothing more than Rimmel’s Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Liner. Not only are these waterproof pencils super cheap and last all day, but also come in a vast variety of colours to suit every occasion.