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Everybody’s bored since covid19 has gotten the entire country in lock down. From the mango people (aam janta) to our celebs, boredom’s got them doing a lot of things that they did not have time for during their busy schedule, and one of them is INSTAGRAM LIVE.

Due to the pandemic, our celebs are baring it (literally and figuratively) showing their personal side to life, how they’ve been keeping busy during this time, and how the lock down has affected the entertainment industry.

But there are some celebs who are winning hearts with their Instagram Live sessions with everything that they’re doing and we’ve picked our fav 5.


Ali Sethi’s been garnering love and attention with his melodious voice with jamming sessions and talks on covid19 during self-isolation in his apartment in NY.

What we love about his regular Instagram Live appearances is are how he’s been actively engaging with his fans, sharing stories and experiences and taking special song requests. We particularly enjoyed his Live session with Mira Sethi.

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Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.