It’s been more than a fortnight and the Pakistani awam has been practicing social distancing and safe hygiene in quarantine. From cooking, to sharing their fitness regime and makeup tutorials, taking up TIKTOK challenges has been the latest trend. Who knew that so many people would download TikTok in 2020 to entertain themselves.

A coping mechanism, or doing something out of plain boredom, TikTok challenges have been on a rise, and let’s say it, they’re engaging and so much fun to watch.

So here are 5 TikTok challenges that you can also do and just go with the flow.


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Today’s activity🤪 Did we kill the #ohnananachallenge or na?? @faizan.sameer ♥️ #stayhome

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This swanky dance move challenge has taken everything by storm. But as fun as it looks, it’s super hard to master the moves. I know I tried and failed, BUT I’m not giving up just yet. The challenging foot work’s so much fun. And guess who started it? A 6 year old girl who loves to dance.


I got hooked to the #UGoodChallenge, thanks to Twitch and Alison. And I’ve been on a roll since the. Netizens are going cuckoo with this one, because it’s both cool and requires a lot of stamina. A great workout too!

@taliamarWho’s the most 👀 @miniminter ##foryou ##foryoupage ##fyp♬ whos most likely to – kateelisabethh


This one’s actually fun to do with your partner. It’s like a “who’s-more-likely-to” sort of challenge where you answer random questions by closing your eyes and pointing at your partner who is more likely to do that particular thing. It’s fun!


#boredithehouseiminahousebored, yes! That’s how we all feel living the quarantine life, but that shouldn’t stop you for hoping on to this challenge. It’s everybody’s jam these days!


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Quando as blogaya se juntam 😍✨ chama as migas pra fazer com vc. ❤️

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This challenge is the chill version of you going out. So basically you’re in your PJ’s and slowly get into your transformation of heading out. It’s a girly challenge but a lot of young guys are doing it as well. It started from black beauty influencers. How interesting is that! Here’s an extended version of looking your best from Instagram.

Ps. We’ve posted some videos from Instagram because we were unable to find them from TikTok. And you know cross-sharing is a thing! 

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.