Sara Ali Khan

She’s a pure delight to watch in her interviews and major promotional events for her debut release Kedarnath and we are getting increasingly in awe of Sara Ali Khan. Sara treads with a completely chilled out attitude and amazes you with her stunning beauty that is accompanied by brains. YES! And it certainly did not come as a surprise because she’s got a father who himself is total rock star; he can speak French, strums killer guitar chords and is an avid reader. So, naturally Sara followed through in her father’s footsteps and her mother’s sass!

In her recent interviews, Sara has proved that she is just like you and me, a normal girl with a college degree and is now pursuing her passion. She’s candid, doesn’t look like that she is in haste and oozes a certain calm in front of the camera, which is quiet intriguing. So here are 5 reasons that make Sara Ali Khan super real!


Sara’s got her head on her shoulders, so when you see her during interviews, and we’ve seen tons, the girl thinks before speaking and knows where she’s coming from. She is not just a gorgeous looking girl, coming from an IVY League institution, Sarah has endorsed the fact that her education has made her come this far.


Sara weighed an unbelievable 96 Kg before entering showbiz because she suffers from PCOS/PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrom/Disease) – an hormonal imbalance due to which she found it hard to loose and maintain weight. The idea that she’s been blatantly candid about it and her battle with weight loss goes to show that the girl is not afraid to speak up and is an inspiration for other people who are also struggling to loose weight. If she can do it, then so can you!


Sara Ali Khan owes her mum, Amirta Singh for oodles of confidence and #coolgirlvibes that she possess and exudes and has claimed that she is not the sort of person who can fake it, since faking it can reveal the truth, eventually. You can’t fake it and make it.


Sara would rather trust go with what her heart says instead of following a strategy. She’s open and free to like, dislike and negate ideas and beliefs that don’t click with her. And her spunk to unapologetically speak about pressing matters relating to her or people around her shows that she’s got a big heart with a whole lot of love and positivity in it.


We love Sara’s fashion choices because she isn’t trying too hard to be somebody else. So she chooses to wear brands and outfits that enhance her persona as a 23 year old newbie in the film industry rather than a full blown up puppet. The fact that she knows what will look good on her makes her all the more real!

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.