Sleepwear brands have been on a roll for over a year now with cute two pieces in every possible color for every season. There’s something for every one, your mood and vibe.

The past 3+ months since the lockdown, there’s been a massive hype because we’re stuck at home and out of clothes to wear, literally.  The shalwar/T-shirt Jab We Met Kareena vibe may be a look for a rainy day, but with so many sleep wear brands trending, it’d be great if we owned a pair or two and looked all cute and clumsy for here on (however long that is, unfortunately).

So, we’re amping up the previous list of sleep wear brands that we had updated and adding a few more options for you to shop from according to your taste and price range, of course.


This one’s a cult favourite for every Instagrammer, YouTuber and celebrity because Blood Orange has a multiverse of colors, prints, designs and fabric etc. Starting from a price of Rs. 2,000/- and above, I love how they put up surprise sales too.


Losha is a one-stop solution for every girl because they have range of intimate items and sleep wear. From cotton to silk, for teens, a top and PJ set, and something for the girls about-to-get-married. And the prices also fluctuate. So, why don’t you browse Losha’s website and may customise something for yourself? (wink)


Modern, comfortable and function PJ’s and who wouldn’t want to wear those? Snooze In is for people like you and me who love to look and feel great when they step out of the bed every morning (lol). And their sleep wear isn’t too heavy on the pocket starting from Rs. 2,200/- +.


Comfort, style and ease that comes in modern and simple designs while you stay at home and go about your day with florals and stripes in every possible girl for you, we love Sapphire’s sleepwear line. You couldn’t go wrong with the style that is made for everyone.


A Karachi-based brand that’s built a connection with everyone for their fun and sprightly sleep wear, Slumbergram also has everything from colors to prints and designs for every season. Imagine styling a look with one of your PJ sets from slumbegram? Yes, that happened. Tap the link for deets.


Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.