WTH! What just happened? ….

That’s going to be your instant reaction if you’re hooked to K-dramas. And if you’re not watching them, then you’re missing out on sometimes sappy and sometimes really intense plot lines, which may seem too desi at times, but addictive nonetheless. And then they’re also in other genres, like mystery, crime, horror – Parasite, anyone?

But what’s more exciting is the impact that K-dramas have had over the years, they’re a pop culture phenomenon now. Just like Turkish dramas and how obsessed we are with them, K-dramas deserve a place on your screen too. You get to see how different they are, Korean practices, norms and values that they live by.

So, here are 6 Korean dramas that you should watch if you want to branch out. Oh! The best part is that, all these shows are available on Netflix. YAAY!


If you’re going to debut into K-dramas, then we’ll suggest you watch Crash Landing On You. There’s love, excitement, friendship, and action, and how far you’ll go for love. But what is best is the chemistry between the lead actors and the background score that accompanies the entire show. I went from Awww to Ohhh with every episode with happy, and so many sad tears. And now that the show’s over, I have major withdrawals – it’s that good.


Romance Is A Bonus Book gives you hope, happy ending, farewells, and it’s very relatable. And the fact that it shows a journey of a woman to finding her dream is inspiring. Also in a way, the show heals you which we all need to feel. Also the show is similar to Aşk Laftan Anlamaz (Pyar Lafzon May Kaha).


I watched Kingdom last year and was glued to my screen. It was like a Korean apocalypse fell into my hands with a mysterious plague that’s spread into a small village where they become zombies. I know why would anyone would want to watch something like this, right?! But, hey, remember Parasite? THIS IS EXACTLY WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH KINGDOM.


Watch Memories of Alahambra for it’s sci-fi mystery coupled with romance, and unpredictable plot. The action sequences, HYUN BIN (ahh) and the struggle between AI and reality looks far more impressive than you’d think.



This is a light-hearted romantic show between a self-loving boss and his secretary who decides to leave after 9 years to focus on her life. The show’s nothing SO over the top but its interesting and has substance at the end of the day.


Romance is in the air with Something In The Rain, and it’s a show that will give you some meat with an older woman falling in love with a younger boy. A reality that we all see and hear about around us. So you’ll see how two people from different age groups come together and find a mutual understanding.


Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.