I don’t know if it’s just me, but lately Pakistani drama’s except Alif have literally nothing to offer. We’ve so badly abused the crying heroines, evil MIL’s and stalker cousins with very little scope for the imagination. And shows that did hint a different angle, ended up being just the same. Whilst some shows had great acting, the plot and twists were too much to take, and some dramas we just decided not to watch.

So, in honor of how I feel today, here are 6 Pakistani dramas that have made me feeling “meh”.


The drama serial began on a high note as it unfolded mean family drama. But it soon turned everything sour with the melodrama, atyachaar on the masoom larki who cant fend for herself and a love triangle between cousins. The rona dhona was too much to bare with very little meat to offer in terms of story and characterization. Both Imran Abbas and Ayeza Khan have bored us with failed chemistry,  victim-like personalities and the dominating evil tai ammi/MIL.


I was anticipating Ishqiya due to Feroze, Rimsha and Hania’s pairing. Feroze Khan brings Kabir Singh vibes, Rimsha and Hania are sisters (North and South) and belong to conventional families. And we have Gohar Rasheed on the side. I think I got lost sometime in the second episode despite the message of the drama that shows the the lives of people who marry due to family’s pressure and not for love. Rimsha is marrying Gohar and Feroze has become revengous and proposes to her sister Hania. Ok, bye now!


The story line, performances, actors – everything’s perfect in Yeh Dil Mera, but we’re into 24 episodes now and still waiting for the mystery to unfold. The missing puzzle pieces of why Mir Farooq killed Aman’s parents have been given to us like bread crumbs! The show picks up pace and then becomes as slow as a snail. The balance has got us feeling “meh” that we just want Yeh Dil Mera to gracefully end. Ps. Go #Sahad! >3


Ahhhhhhh! Where do I even begin with Daasi? There was this massive hype because of Mawra Hocane and Adeel Hussain, and how perfect it would be since Daasi is/was a love story. Aahil and Sunheri meet, sparks fly, misunderstandings tear them apart, he’s from another world, she’s the main-apni-favourite-hoon-dont-mess-with-me types, as if we didn’t have many. Then we have a mean friend and an evil rishtaydaar. Wow! No comments.


Zahid Ahmed’s tweet on how he would ever “blindly” read a drama’s script got us in fits last night because it was so rightfully said. Main Na Janoon was Sanam Jung’s return, but her becharapan, Affan’s vindictiveness and the entire families incapacity to see the truth, to emotional abuse and Zahid Ahmed’s (ahem) role, this show fell as flat as my Coke! In short, crying, blaming, accusing and below average acting is what Main Na Janoo is about.


Same old story with marriage being the theme, a chalak and awfully materialistic girl who has a mouth that spits daggers, and a sweet husband, if Iqra is the only reason to watch Jhooti, then I’d pass the opportunity, even though she’s a good actress. I’ll tell you what’s the fate of a girl who incessantly lies to get whatever she wants. She’ll regret it, will want to apologise whilst amending her flaws and go back to being the good girl that everyone should be at heart. The End. But if the writers want to surprise us, Nirma will end up alone in life.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.