If you’re looking for a nice, peaceful, romantic and exclusive way to celebrate some exclusive time out with your spouse, we’ve got you covered! Also, its Valentine’s Day, FYI! (hint, hint)

Here are our top recommendations for some nice places to dine out!


For a unique but true private fine dining experience, we’ve got Amu at the top of our list. Run by Michelin trained Chef Shahnawaz, the restaurant is known for its exclusive menu made from ingredients sourced from the chef’s own farms. With multiple courses per meal, the menu changes every week and the price is fixed. Moreover, reservations are hard to get so you’ll need to get moving for a V-day booking!


With a Mughlai dashtarkhawan concept, Lakhnavi take us back into the lavish eating habits of our ancestors. Using luxury ingredients such as saffron, nuts and rose petals, this will be a high end yet traditional experience in its own right.


Who wants Thai, Chinese and Asian mix in once place? Order whoever’s up for their favourite cuisine, Fuchsia Kitchen never disappoints you and the menu’s great. End a fun night out with Toffee Glazed Crispy Banana Fritters.



A new place that’s opened up and has a very exclusive menu and fine dine feels. The menu has a some interesting dishes that sound good so why not try something new this time?


If you LOOOOOOOOVE your meat, head over to Bovinoes for a steak out because they make em’ the best, besides everything else on the menu. Portugese Chicken, Burgers, Pasta, Salad and what not… Minus the kids, go have fun and if you don’t have kids, we hope you have them soon! Lol


Mandarin Kitchen offers some authentic Asian and classic Chinese food, the ambience is great and so is the food. And if you want variety or don’t want Chinese, Sumo’s right next door so hit that place up for Sushi. You wont regret it.