It is no secret, we are fans of Khaadi, and we have said it many many times, it is our go to brand. From Khaadi Pret to Khaddi Khaas and everything in between, we always find something to bring home, and with the massive stores all across the country, one is spoilt for choice.

Since winter is approaching in many parts of the city and lawns are being replaced by cambric and winter collections, Khaadi is the first brand to launch their elaborate winter collection which is now in stores.

We had a chance to visit and review the collection and were not surprised by what we found. Always evolving and setting trends, here are the reasons why Khaasi winter collection stands apart and is a clear winner for us this winter.

  1. The price range: starting from Rs, 1700 for a two piece khaddar suit, Rs. 1900 for a polyester viscose two piece suit, Rs. 2200 to Rs. 2400 for a khaddar 3 piece suit, Rs 3000 to Rs. 5200 for an embroidered khaddar 3 piece suit, Rs. 2300 to Rs. 2700 for embroidered khaddar 2 piece suit, Rs. 7000 for embroidered shawl collection and Rs. 8000 for chiffon embroidered 3 piece suits.
  2. The color palate: honestly if there ever was diversity in the color palate within one collection, this would be it. Fr0m monochromes to pastes, to very vibrant colors you will find everything within each category and price range.
  3. The prints: whether you are an old school floral person, a little more experimental with geometrics, or you like to play with polka dots, the prints and the embroideries are all on such a scale that it wont take you long before you find something you love.
  4. The embroidery patches: most of which can be used in very unique ways. The Khaddar embroidered collection has many extra embroidered patches that you can use on your trousers, arms or even shirt. It just makes the way you wear a piece different from the others.
  5. Block prints: even the simple printed suits are not what you usually get. the block print inspired pieces are quintessential Khaadi but also very different from what the rest offer.
  6. The Shawl collection: it is perfect evening wear for nights that you might spend outdoors. Work them as 3 piece or use the shawl separately with jeans, plain suits etc, priced at just Rs. 7000, its a steal.
  7. Chiffon Collection: boasts the perfect embroideries and the finest fabric to make it occasion wear. You don’t need to do anything extra with the chiffon collection as they come with complete embroidered shorts, silk patees and fancy dupattas.