The Lux Style Awards is one of the most prestigious and popular award ceremony in Pakistan. It acknowledges outstanding contribution in the fields of fashion, film, cinema and TV.

Over the years, one category that has everyone curious is the Best Emerging Talent category. It celebrates new talent in Fashion and Music and has played a ginormous role in spotting talent that deserves to be celebrated and honed by carving a path for the newcomers to become stars and let their talent shine through.

In order to pay tribute to the best emerging talent, we’ve structured a list of winners who have blossomed in the past 5 years and are making waves all over the world for their craft. And what do they have in common, the LSA for best emerging talent.

Best Emerging Talent (Music) 2018: Kashmir

Kashmir band won the award for their song Kaghaz Ka Jahaz and rightfully so. Their alternative rock music vibe and meaningful lyrics have tugged to the strings of our heart and we’re rooting for them still. Only in a year’s time they have become one of the most popular bands in the country, shooting videos, making music and winning hearts.

Best Emerging Talent (Fashion, Model) 2017: Hira Shah

Hira Shah’s bold and beautiful who has done some brilliant work so her win as the best emerging talent did not come as a surprise. She has been part of many fashion campaigns in the past two years and recently choreographed Pakistan Fashion Week in London.

Best Emerging Talent (Fashion, Photographer) 2016: Alee Hassan

A passion and aspiration that later turned into a full blown career that was appreciated at the Lux Style Awards. Alee Hassan’s known for his experimental editorials, sometimes drawing criticism, mostly gathering praise, but he doesn’t stop. After working for almost all leading brands in the country it is safe to say that since LSA 2016, Alee has been unstoppable.

Best Emerging Talent (Fashion, Model) 2015: Sadaf Kanwal

Sadaf Kanwal has graced countless glossy magazine covers and is reining the fashion industry because she deserves it. She owns the ramp, looks like a million bucks in every shoot. Has the sass to carry an item number with all the glam in the world and is also an emerging actress (nominated for best supporting actress 2018 at LSA). Safe to say, Sadaf is one of the most successful female models the country has seen, and her talent has really taken her places. After winning the award for best emerging talent in 2015, Sadaf also took home the award for best model in 2017.

Best Emerging Talent (Fashion, Model) 2014: Amna Baber

The Queen. Amna Baber was also recognised as the best emerging talent and later won the best female model of the year 2018. Her career spans over half a decade and Amna has established herself as one of the leading models, and everybody’s favourite.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.