Wherever you are, Hollywood or Bollywood, the state of love remains the same, it’s blind. So when PeeCee fell in love with a cute boy 10 years younger to her, who happens to belong to a famous boy band and lives on an entirely different continent, we weren’t really surprised. After all, when Quantico got cancelled, PeeCee had to stay “in the news”, but hey, who are we to judge – the heart wants what it wants, right? But we don’t want to talk about the happy couple (who are rumoured to get engaged next month), no sir, we’re giving a refresher course on PeeCee’s infamous dating history . So, pay attention, dear students.


He’s the first guy PeeCee ever dated but the ex-Miss India dumped the guy after she won the title. And we’re sure the guy felt the blow which is why he wanted to take revenge on his ex-love and publish a biopic. Truth? PeeCee slammed him by issuing a legal notice.


Remember that debacle of a movie, Love In 2050 and, oh! What’s Your Rashee with Harman Baweja? Even though they were a colossal disaster but PeeCee and Harry stuck together for 5 long years. Poof! They ended on the North and South Pole where Harman apparently fell out of love or was it the other way round? Hmmm, either way, any regrets?


Oh the dear Shahid ever so unlucky in love with Bollywood beauties. Even though the chocolate boy is happy now (woot woot, Mira) but we know how distraught he was after bebo broke his heart, then PeeCee consoled him while filming Kaminey and dumped later.


The were steamy, pumping with ridiculous chemistry and working on back to back movies with Aiteraz, Andaaz and Waqt, and since we’re aware of the Akshay Kumar’s “womanizing”, ahem, his wife Twinkle caught whiff of this and ordered her hubby not to work with PeeCee.


SRK? No way! PeeCee never dated SRK, but wife Gauri didn’t appreciate his coziness with PeeCee and kicked her out of the SRK clan! Because PeeCee should know better!


PeeCee was never single, she was double, ah! The lassie was dating a mystery man while filming Quantico and was in quiet a serious relationship, but things went down South and flash forward to today, say hello to Nick Jonas!

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.