There is a famous saying, “In God’s home, there is delay but no denial.”

Abdullah Qureshi’s latest offering, “Kitni Dair” emphasizes this idea. The soulful voice of our young star is beautifully complimented by unpretentious yet moving music. In desperate and unprecedented times like these, it is all that we need.

Kitni Dair’s lyrics highlight that God is all about love. Someone is watching over us at all times. Hence, any troubles that we may face in our lives are bound to be temporary. God’s kindness in inevitable, even if you have committed numerous sins, the door leading towards forgiveness is always open. The idea is to remain steadfast and bow down to God at all times. It is about believing in God, which is all we need to do.

The focus clearly here is on the message of the song. Hence, the arrangement of music is rather unassuming. You won’t get an elaborate guitar solo here. Simply because it is not required. The music suits the overall narrative of the song. Abdullah Qureshi wants you to feel and appreciate the greater meaning of these words. To me, he is able to achieve his goal.

The video illustrates the core message of the song. Starring model Komal Jamil, it is a story of self-discovery and triumph. She loses the gift og sight. Initially, she struggles with this new situation of hers; she is even unable to move through her own room. Life as she knows it has changed, perhaps forever.

However, soon she can navigate through life on her own. All thanks to the heightening of her other senses. A way of God to compensate for her loss. She is able to move out even outdoors. She wanders around in the park and then a small pond all on her own. It just showcases that she uses her sense of touch to compensate for her loss of eyesight.

All in all, Kitni Dair is nothing short of a beautiful hamd. A song in praise of God and his greatness. It’s a simple but powerful message, exactly what we all need to hear in these testing times.

By Guest Contributor