Let’s be honest, episode 25 of Yeh Dil Mera was a bit slow, however we thoroughly enjoyed it because of Ahad Raza Mir’s exceptional performance, who within that hour shifted from a man all set to take revenge to a person who was in love but could not do anything about it as the love of his life happens to be his parents murderers daughter. And the way he dealt with these emotions through facial expressions definitely makes him an actor to watch out for.

So what else made the episode memorable? Well read along to find out.


Now if this was the old Ana she would have cried her eyes out but the confident Ana is ready to face Aman as she is dead sure her father did not kill anyone and the way she looks in to Amans eyes is a proof that she will not be taken lightly and that is what we like about her as she is now a feisty character, very much needed on the screen.


Yes guys , Aman has Farooq worried sick as he is not easily traced and takes Ana with him to DaryaBagh which of course Farooq does not know but the fear of his daughter finding about the truth is making him sleepless and that is causing him to hate Aman even more.


The confession was very touching as Aman realizes that Ana is his true love and that is what makes him want to take Ana back and protect her from the reality but his sense of revenge is so strong that he focuses again and sets out to prove to Ana that Farooq is a cold blooded murderer after all .

With the episode also show casing some stellar scenes  especially when Aman sees Noor sleeping while sitting in another room trying to figure out his feelings , next weeks promo suggests that Ana will reach out to Bua Jee who we hope tells her the truth so justice can finally be served