Ali Xeeshan Banned

He’s been given many names, a showman, a craftsman, a magician with remarkable creativity, and now this darling of the design world is the new bad boy of fashion.

Known for his theatrics on stage and breathtaking aesthetic Ali has been the life of many a fashion weeks. Whether you love him or hate him, you cannot ignore him. He is loud and he is proud of it. Some may find him absurd and his sense of personal style too much to handle but how can one not appreciate the skill he has and how in a very short time he has become one of the more sought after designers in the country.

This is why we were a mildly disappointed that he will be sitting PSFW 2015 out. Will we feel a gap in the fashion week this year? The question on every one’s mind is where is Ali Xeeshan?

He is very much here and will be spreading love on the red carpet, enjoying FRow-er status at the shows but we know of the unsavory incident that happened between Ali and a journalist last year which included a much talked about physical assault and required strict disciplinary action by the council against this good boy gone bad.

We spoke to Saad Ali regarding the council’s decision to let Ali sit one out and here is what he said,

‘The PFDC was integral in launching Ali Xeeshan and we are proud of his growth in the fashion industry as a designer. However, as a council we have to take the onus to set and ensure the standards of discipline are followed by all our council members and to groom those we have worked to launch. To this end Ali Xeeshans exclusion from this years PSFW showcase was a deliberate measure in line with the standards of discipline that the PFDC maintains. We trust this will set a precedent for future discipline’

The Council is very strict in its disciplinary policies for designers gone wild (as it definitely should)! However we did wanted to hear what Ali had to say about the whole thing. We got in touch with him and he seemed to be ‘having a party of his own’.

Sometimes things happen in a moment but there is always history behind them. I felt I was cornered at the time of the incident, and if the Council feels it’s important to take some sort of action, I respect that. I cannot however sit and cry about it, I am planning to have a ball at PSFW even if I am not on the ramp. It is a blessing in disguise for me as well, as I have had a chance to analyze where I am and where I want to be in the business of fashion. The international fashion world is my oyster and I am going to take it on’

Well its settled, Pakistani fashion has a bad boy with immense talent and he is determined to go places, but we do hope to see Ali at the next fashion weeks since a showman like him will find his way back. The question really is, sometimes is it good to be a little bad?? We’ll find out in the months to come. 

Ali Xeeshan

Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.