Last night Ali’f episode 6 was focused on Momin and Momina’s life and everything that’s happening around in their current situation. The past 5 episodes have given us detailed glimpses of what entails their lives when it comes to family, career, and their personal lives. I am glad that this time around, we got to be a part of their present state because this gave us way into how and what will change in the upcoming episodes. Over all, I think that this episode is going to be a turning point for both with its highs and lows for Momin and Momina in their lives and their approach.


I was so impressed with how Sajal altered her emotions from being excited to confused to shocked in one go when she lands in Karachi with her good news. She’s going to be a star in the show and that we know, but her joy quickly turned sour with her beloved brother’s demise. Life has always been unfair to Momina and the way her character has been penned from episode 1, to financially support her family and just be lost in her own world, being supremely talented but secretly hoping for another career, the transitions are just fabulous and no one does it like Sajal. The rest of the episode just fell in to place with time spent with Jahangir as she battles with her life and you get to see the struggles of her poverty-stricken family go through a turmoil in securing funds to give their son a burial. The saddest realities of life often change a person and I think this loss may pave a new path for Momina and her family.


Hamza Ali Abbasi was performing tonight, not a lot with dialogue delivery, but he emoted the disarray that his dada has left on him extremely well. Behind close doors Momin is vulnerable, he is going through the conversation he had with his dada back and forth because whether he likes it or not, Momin is perturbed and his past is to blame. However he is arrogant and spiteful enough right now to admit to anything. In a parallel universe where Momina is dealing with a personal loss, we see Momin going through a personal dilemma; an argument that takes back into the past and present, loss and gain, innocence and arrogance and a mix up of pent up feelings. And we’re glad that Momin feeling semi guilty perhaps, for his dada sudden departure back to Turkey. However the conversation soon shifts to same statement Momin made in episode 5, “dada ap mujay bohat pareshan kartay hain…” which goes to tell us the obvious.

Momin’s personal and professional life is intertwined, so the way he scoffs at Neha’s call and the exchange of words between them, Momin’s going to turn the tables on her in episode 7 like a master piece, and I for one am worried and excited about it.


This episode highlighted two of the harsh realities of life and being a part of the media.

  1. It’s all about the money, no matter how rich or poor you are, money makes the world go round
  2. In a flashback moment, Momina is seen talking to Jahangir where she motivates him that he’d become a film star one day, however Jahangir tells her that despite being a popular child actor and having worked with so many famous people, neither anybody ever made a call, nor did they remember him.

And this is the bitterest truth of the media, we have so many veteran actors and sports people who are now forgotten names despite their contribution to the industry living in dire conditions as if they are no more.

Here’s the link to the episode if you haven’t seen it and let us know if you agree with us or have a different opinion.


Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.