From time to time it is good to sit back and watch a drama which is different from the rest as it allows you to open your mind . Be it towards the atrocities in the society or towards religion , change we feel is always good hence with the emergence of drama Alif which centres towards spirituality this is a play which we always make it a point to watch not because it has the dashing Hamza Ali Abbasi and gorgeous Sajal Aly in the lead but because of its story which honestly touches your soul as it again did last night .
Penned down by Umera Ahmed , the recent episode of Alif some might say was a bit slow paced but we found it to be quite touching as it took us back to the time when Husn-e-Jahan essayed by Kubra Khan began to change within and decided that dancing was in fact not her true calling at all !
A beautifully shot project by Haseeb Hassan which besides a compelling story also offers you glimpses of Turkey as with Qulb e Momin on its way there to meet Dada we are looking forward to seeing more of the city as the story progresses but in case you missed what happened last night then sit back and scroll below to find out .


Now Momina as a child used to interact with Husn-e-Jahan as her father was her make up man but with her now grown up and in the same field she fears for her outcome as with her idol being at the top of her game at that time and then seeing her topple down makes Momina scared and makes her call Sultan to ask why did Husn-e-Jahan allow herself to move away from the limelight . A beautiful scene , what we loved most about it was the way Sajal continues to play Momina with grace as seeing her week after week immersed in to this character we too are emotionally involved with her and hope in the coming episodes she too finds peace and happiness as so far she is seen facing difficult times .


Yes guys the reason why we use slight is because Momin is still arrogant but going through the letters which he used to send to his Allah as a child makes him realize how far he has gone from those days and that touches a emotional chord with him which makes him want to travel to Turkey ASAP so he can talk to his Dada about it . Now where we love Hamza , in Alif we often find him a bit expressionless hence not allowing him to leave the impact which he should considering how important his character is in the drama .


Saleem Mairaj is one of the finest stars we have and last night we were glad to see him getting more screen space as he remembers the time Husn-e-Jahan met Taha but where we have only seen the beginning of how the two met , next week we are sure we were learn more about how Taha managed to change her completely .
As you all know Alif is a start studded cast but more than Hamza Ali Abbasi it is Ahsan Khan who steals every frame he is in as with just his expressions he says so much that more than Momin it is Taha you wait to see and in fact hope that the drama focuses more on the past than the present as both Kubra and Ahsan make a lovely on screen pair who make you believe that love can truly change anyone for the better .


Since we are emotionally involved in Alif , next weeks promo suggests that a lot will take place as Momin will realize how he never really understood the power of  Allah and the play will switch from present to the past quite a lot as more revelations will be revealed between Husn-e-Jahan , Taha and his father but how will Momin deal with all the changes taking place within is what we look forward to finding out every Saturday night .